Sunday, April 30, 2006

So I guess I'm going to law school!

As many of my small readership know, I took the LSAT last December. It came from a discussion that my husband and I had had a few months before. He asked me if I could do any job, what would it be. My first thought was ... a lawyer.

So I decided to take the LSAT to at least see if I'd do well enough to apply and get accepted to a law school. I scored in the top 35% (not great, but good enough to apply to the law school near my home). I knew I'd never move away from home to take on this endeavor, so I only applied to this one school.

While I waited to find out if I was accepted, I pondered whether this was something that I should do. I'm already insanely busy with a full-time job and two small children at home. How could I take classes three nights a week for the next four years? I also knew it was an expensive plan, with the yearly tuition at around $18,000. I had applied for financial aid, so I just kept telling myself that when I found out how much aid I'd get, then I'd make my decision on whether to actually move forward.

So last week, I got my acceptance letter. It was nice to know I was accepted, even if it isn't Harvard. But then I read the second letter. They've given me a scholarship. And not just any scholarship. I got the dean's scholarship award, the most prestigious scholarship that the school gives out. The scholarship that will pay for my first year's tuition in full! The one that will be given to me again for the second year if I can score in the top 20% of my class after the first year! How awesome is that?

So it made my decision a bit easier. How can I pass up a free year (well, I will have to pay for books, but comparatively speaking, it's free). Yes, it will be hard. But I'm up for the challenge. I feel so rejuvenated, so excited for the coming year. I think after spending the past couple of years not being challenged mentally, I'm ready to move forward full force. Yes, my new job is great, and I'm learning a lot about design and layout that I never knew before. But I feel like I want a bit more.

So starting in August, I'll be sitting in a classroom with a bunch of young people who could be my kids (If I had them at 15). At least now I won't have to worry about trying to get the seat next to the cute boy, or figuring out where to go for nickel beer nights (yes, I AM that old!).