Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Counting the minutes

It’s my last week of work at my old job, and I just have to say that I am BORED! I thought I was being nice by giving them three week’s notice so that all of my projects could be transferred over. Our department has been operating lean because a senior person was told to leave, and a part-time person is on maternity leave. We do have a full-time temp who is handling the part-time person’s responsibilities, but I still thought that giving a longer lead-time (can you tell I’m in marketing? Who says lead-time in the real world?) would help out the company.

But after two weeks, my projects have been transferred, I’ve written “job aides” to help with any lingering questions and to ensure that the projects are handled correctly once I’m no longer able to oversee everything, and I’ve even gone through old files, both hard copy and on my computer, to throw away old stuff, to organize what needs to be saved, and to label everything so others can find them.

Today, since I don’t have anything else to do, I packed up my desk. Scary how 2 ½ years of my work life can be contained in two little boxes. Pictures of my family, reference books, awards that will just sit in the box in the garage until I finally realize that I don’t need them. That happened at my last job. I had a gigantic box of crap that sat in a bottom shelf in the garage for about two years. One day, I went through it all – award plaques, the big signed poster that everyone gave me when I left, Happy Meal toys that I used to collect for God-knows-what reason – and pretty much threw everything away.

I don’t even know why I kept it all in the first place. I think it stems from the fact that I was never able to save anything when I was younger. Being a military brat, we moved all over the country. I think I’ve said it before, but I lived in six states and overseas all before I turned 18. During that time, I lived in 11 houses and attended eight schools. Our moving expenses were covered, but only up to a certain weight allowance. So every time we moved, we’d have to get rid of the excess. That means, I don’t have any old stuffed animals from my childhood, no old drill team uniforms or basketball ribbons (don’t laugh, I did play basketball, all of my 5’2” … I got the ribbon for a free throw shooting contest at one of the all-state conferences), and no secret notes passed by best friends.

Sometimes I try to hold onto things from my past, just in case I want to look at them later. While I’ll never get rid of my photo albums (which are the only things that prove that I had friends when I was younger) or old cards from my husband, I’ve realized that most things just simply aren’t worth holding onto. I know that the life I have now is what’s important, that recognition I might have received at one time in my life is nothing compared to the recognition I get now when I come home at the end of the day and see the smiling faces of my family.

Sorry for getting so sentimental. Like I said, I’m so completely bored at work. Just three more days of figuring how to get through the day. I have my going-away lunch today, an off-site seminar tomorrow (yes, I know I’m leaving, but it’s already paid for and I should be able to take some stuff away for my new job), and my exit interview on Friday. That leaves exactly 18 more hours of nothing. Sudoku, anyone?