Friday, February 24, 2006

I'm back ... for now

I feel like I've been away forever. It's amazing how you can think that your life is filled to the rim (with Brim ... I'm sorry, am I showing my age?), and then life hands you even more.

A good thing came out of all the drama ... I got a new job. I start in a few weeks, but am still at my current job, transitioning stuff over. It's a good move for me: more money, more responsibility, more possibilities for advancement. I went to my new job for a few days this week for their annual meeting and met some amazing people. I felt like I'd already been there for months after the second day. It was weird coming back to my old job to finish out the notice I gave them. I guess that means I made the right choice.

But I'll miss working with my good friend Em. She's one of the reasons that I could face work these past few months. While we'll still be able to meet for lunch every day, it just won't be the same without our random, "Hey, did I tell you this?" conversations throughout the day. Talking over the cubicle wall, or going to the break room to vent.

But I'm excited about my new opportunity. It's a bright spot in some bad times that have come up lately. The human condition is an amazing thing. Just when you don't think you can take any more, you get handed more. Maybe "handed" is too nice of a term; you get slammed face first into it, with no regard to broken noses or split lips.

I know we'll get through it. That the anger, worry, tears, and frustration will subside. That I'll get my old life back, and be able to enjoy my days again. The new job will help. Facing new challenges, meeting new people, getting recognized for my accomplishments, and the value I can provide to a company.

But that can only go so far. I miss my old life. The life I used to complain about that was too busy. The daily, yet simple, hecticness; the day-to-day issues intermingled with laughs and connections. I know I'll get it back soon. I hope.