Friday, February 10, 2006

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Last night, I sat in Boogie’s room as she got ready for bed. As she was getting ready to put on her nightgown, I patted her little booty. She laughed and said, “Don’t touch my booty!” “But it’s so cute. I love your booty. It's so cute and little!” I replied.

Then she looked at me. “Mommy, when is my booty going to be big … like yours?” Ouch.

Monday, February 06, 2006

I redeemed myself

So after my language-challenged episode last week, I redeemed myself this weekend in a rousing round of Scrabble with my husband. Typically he wins this game, not because he spells better than me, or knows more words, but because he takes hours during each turn looking for just the right word that will allow him to not only get a triple letter score on J, but a double word score as well.

Saturday night started out as usual. He got the first word, which automatically gave him an advantage with the double word score. About halfway through the tiles, he asked, “Who’s winning?” (he also tends to do that when he’s winning … he likes to rub it in … he’s a very sore winner). “You are,” I replied as I drew a Q from the bag (for those of you who don’t play Scrabble, Qs are worth 10 points). I felt pretty good because I also had a U in my arsenal.

In the next round, I considered making the word “esquire” but looked for something else that would allow me to maximize the points in my Q. And then the heavens opened up and I saw my chance. A chance to put the Q on a double letter score, on a place in the board that also gave me a double word score. And as I placed my tiles down, I also realized that I could use all my letters! The word: “requites”, as in she requites her love for Scrabble.

So, I got 20 points for my Q, plus seven more points for the remaining letters, plus a double word score, plus 50 bonus points for using all of my letters. 104 points!

I looked at my husband and said, “Who’s winning?” Victory was mine that night, by more than 100 points I might add, and my faith in my use of the English language was restored. It's good to be back.