Friday, December 23, 2005

I hope I'm not the recipient

I noticed that someone found my site by typing in the search "a heartfelt note to mom." Seriously, how heartfelt is that note if you're looking online for examples of notes that other people have written?


So, I got my LSAT score back today. To be honest, I had no idea what kind of score I was going to get. Never in my life have I taken a test where I didn't have some kind of idea of how I did.

When I was taking the practice tests, I'd think I was doing well, only to score myself and realize that I didn't do well at all. So going into the test, I just thought I'd just take it and see.

But a small part of me actually thought I did well. What if I did well enough to go to Harvard or Yale? Could I be another Elle Woods? Of course, another part of me thought, who am I kidding? What if I don't even do well enough to show up on the radar?

So when I got the notice this morning about my score, I was a little excited. I wanted to do well. I wanted to see a good score. I got a 155. That means I did better than 65% of those who took the test. To be honest, I was hoping for a higher score. The overachiever in me sees that 65% and associates it with a D. I wanted an A. I wanted to go to Harvard!

I know I can probably get into any of the local law schools in my area. So I should be happy. I wouldn't have gone to Harvard anyway. I got a decent (uggh, I hate decent, I wanted great) score, so I should be happy. Can I say I should be happy any more times?

So now I'll begin the process of requesting transcripts and writing out applications. The biggest step from here is to determine how I'll pay for all of it. Law school is expensive!!! Hopefully I can take the skills I've learned as a writer all of these years and craft some eloquent essay to a scholarship committee that will earn me a full ride. At least a 65% ride.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

If my husband had hair

When I met my husband, he was balding. Sure he had some hair on the sides, and a few wisps of hair on the top, but you could pretty much call him a bald guy. It didn't matter to me. I thought he had a handsome face, a great sense of humor, and an intelligence that can't be matched.

When he moved to California, he started shaving his head. With his Raiders' shirts and baggy pants, he could be mistaken for some Mexican gang member, not a 6th-grade teacher. But shaving his head made him look younger, and even better to me. Plus, since he can shave it himself, we save a ton on haircuts.

He's pretty content with having no hair. Although he sometimes is known for wearing knit beanies or baseball caps. He's not afraid to try new looks in headwear.

Even so, he often wonders what it would be like to have hair. To actually need shampoo in the shower. To run a comb through long, luscious locks. How would he look with shiny black hair?

He often says that even if they came out with some miracle product that instantly grew hair, he wouldn't want it. Life is easier for him because he doesn't have to worry about what his hair looks like. Personally, I agree with him that he looks better without it.

Note: My husband is now starting paperwork to sue me for using his photos without permission. For inappropriate use of photos to cause laughter, ridicule, or irreperable damage to his person. Since I took the LSAT, do you think I can represent myself?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


I am officially done with my Christmas shopping! And I got my Christmas cards out today. Now, I just have to wrap everything.

Gone are the days when my cards were out the first week of December, when all of the decorations when up the same day as the tree. Now I still have bins of stuff in the garage that I'm just too exhausted to unwrap and find a place for. Yes, we have a beautiful tree, the stuckings are hung, and we have a nativity set on the hearth, but no cute little Santas climbing up onto the mantle, no wooden sleighs, figurines of old St. Nicholas. I do miss my snowman with the humongous boots. But I guess I'll have to wait until next year.

But the reason for the changes are really the best part of Christmas. My kids. There's nothing like the squeals of delight and laughter at watching them open their gifts, stick bows on their heads, and jump in the piles of paper. Too bad the snowman will have to miss all the fun!


I've not only been slacking on my blog-writing duties to post something, hopefully something funny or thought-provoking, every day. Of course, I read so many great writers on other blogs that I sometimes feel inferior. But I still try to come up with some creative thought that will inspire people to read.

But I've also been slacking on my blog-reading duties. I find that I can't find the time to read my favorites. I only have so much time to actually sit down and read, that I typically find myself clicking on links and hoping for a short and sweet post that I can give a quick comment to and move on. I feel guilty when I see a long eloquent post and realize that I don't have the time to read it the way it's meant to be read. Only then can I post some words of agreement, sympathy, encouragement, or just plain pleasure at being delighted by the prose.

Hopefully after the holidays are over, I'll be able to resume my reading. Until then, if you see me on your stat counter and wonder why I haven't commented, it's not that I've forgotten you. It's just that I can only visit for a short while.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Who knew the reindeer were so important?

Tonight, we took the kids to see the lights in a neighborhood that is famous for its awe-inspiring displays of twinkling lights, animated characters, and nativity scenes. Tonight, I've never seen so many of the same life-size Santas waving from the front porch and singing Christmas carols. There must have been a sale at Target (or wherever else you get those giant Santas). At least they are at least better than the beyond-the-Griswold's yard we saw a few days ago while driving home from the store. This house had 10-feet-tall blow up figures of the Grinch, Frosty, Rudolph and Santa, all in the same front yard. Mind you, this wasn't a mansion-sized estate. It was a small corner yard in a small neighborhood where the largest house is 1,200 square feet.

Anyway, tonight I saw my favorite tree. The one that must have a million multi-colored twinkle lights. It's not a Christmas tree. Just a standard oak tree. But you can see it shimmering from blocks away. I can't imagine the work that must go into decorating this tree every year. It's just amazing.

Not so amazing, but rather perplexing was a yard that had nearly-life-size lighted versions of Santa's reindeer. They were huge, and many. Well, eight to be exact. There was a lighted sleigh, and a Santa on the porch. And near the very front of the yard, so little, teeny tiny you'd almost miss it, was a teeny tiny nativity set. Did I say teeny tiny? It was so tiny you have to use a high-pitched voice like a mouse while scrunching up your shoulders to make yourself smaller, and place your thumb and forefinger together in and O. That's how Boogie says teeny tiny, especially when she's asking for a teeny tiny piece of candy. The nativity set was literally about 5 inches at the most on this big front lawn. Only the blinding lights from the reindeer enabled us to see it at all.

I could just hear the thought process behind this yard: "Hey, this is great. We finally got the last reindeer to finish our set. Now we can really celebrate Christmas the way it was meant to be celebrated! Don't you guys just love celebrating the season? Santa and his reindeer make it so festive. And don't forget his sleigh full of toys. Oh, yeah, there was this guy named Jesus who was born today too. Enjoy!"