Monday, December 05, 2005

Just give me two days alone

I've just spent the past four days in a whirlwind of activity, and I have to say that I'm exhausted. I thought the Thanksgiving weekend was hectic. It was nothing compared to this.

On Wednesday night, my mom flew in from Tennessee to visit and see the kids. She hadn't been out here since little Dak was born. While it was a good visit, I felt on edge the whole time. My mom and I have never had what you'd call a great relationship. Yes, she's my mom, and I'd do anything for her, but I wouldn't consider her my best friend, like I've heard other people say about their moms. We just have very different views of the world, and different ways of living life.

I'm organized and pretty strict about being prompt, but my mom makes me look like the most spontaneous slacker on the planet. She irons the clothes that she's going to wear the next day at 2 o'clock in the afternoon the day before. She had to print out her boarding pass exactly 24 hours before she was scheduled to leave (right when they told her she could). She has to know how every minute of every day is planned and if something changes, it's a problem.

I made sure to tell her in advance what we'd be doing to pre-empt any potential issues. So the trip was pretty smooth. But I still felt on edge. I kept waiting for me to say something that would annoy her and cause her to make some snide remark. I kept waiting for her to get upset because we ate dinner to late, or woke her up during the night. I kept waiting for me to try to see the bright side of things when she just wanted to complain about the world and have her get mad because I wasn't supporting her.

None of that happened, but after she left I felt like I'd just gotten back from one of the trade shows I used to attend in my previous life. The ones where you have a smile plastered to your face and you're always "on." All I wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep.

But such is not my life. While my mom was here, we took the kids to get our Christmas pictures taken, and then rushed home to go to our holiday work party on Friday night (my husband's post pretty much summed up the events of the night). On Saturday morning, I took the LSAT (I won't say much about that until I get my scores. I think I did OK, but I don't want to upset the law gods), while my husband took Boogie to a double birthday party for two sisters. Sunday morning, we went to breakfast, then I drove my mom to the airport in L.A., then I drove back the 40 minutes to my house to get ready for a baby shower. Before going to the shower, I had to drop off some food at my husband's uncles house, where they were making tamales for Christmas Eve. Then I went to the shower while my husband took Boogie to another birthday party. By the time we both got home, we just lay on the floor with the kids, and got fast food for dinner because we didn't feel like cooking.

This morning I felt more tired than I have in a while. I guess it's true what they say, that you don't really feel tired until you stop moving. I listened with jealousy as Em told me about sleeping in and taking a nap on Saturday, and then sleeping for 12 hours through to Sunday. I just can't imagine. I should actually stop typing and just go to bed.
On a side note, the baby shower for my friend was awesome. They've been waiting so long for this little one, and I can't wait to meet their new little girl. They're going to be great parents. (I didn't just say that because I just found out that she reads my blog. Their daughter is so lucky to have such wonderful parents).