Monday, October 03, 2005

Pure genius

My husband occassionally comes up with some pretty good ideas. Not all the time, mind you, but when he does come up with one, it's a good one!

At times, we have struggles with Boogie in getting her to eat her dinner. She likes playing around, and moving her food around on her plate. No amount of "Fine, you'll just need to sit there all night until you're done, " or "OK, we're finished with our food and are going to leave the table soon," or "You'll just have to go to bed without dinner" seems to help.

The other day, my husband came up with a game that worked wonders. I had given Boogie some grilled chicken with fetticcini noodles and broccoli. She ate some of the noodles, but said she didn't like the chicken, and just pushed the broccoli around in the bowl. My husband picked up a piece of the broccoli and said, "I'm going to eat this bite of broccoli, but first I'm going to close my eyes and nobody better eat it!" As soon as he closed his eyes, she snatched it out of his hands and popped it into her mouth, laughing. He did it again, and again, and soon the broccoli was done.

He started doing the same thing with the chicken, but then she explained that she didn't like the dark part on the outside of chicken. So he removed the grilled part, and soon the chicken was gone.

He tried that technique again last night. We had steak and fresh green beans and mashed potatoes (well, I didn't have the mashed potatoes ... trying to do without that with the whole South Beach thing ... I've lost 15 pounds so far). She didn't like the steak. She's never really had it so I think the consistency was weird to her. So my husband started with the mashed potatoes, and pretty soon, she was taking bites of steak off his fork, laughing at her sneakiness.

I think this is a great plan for when we have trouble getting her to eat. Of course, when I told this to Em today, she said, "Yeah, that's a great plan. You're teaching her to steal people's food." Hmmm. Good point. I wonder if I'm going to start getting notes from preschool about her eating other kids' lunches. Maybe that's why she never wants to eat dinner.