Monday, August 29, 2005

And we're off!

This week, I have a vacation from work. Little Boogie's preschool is closed this week, so I took time off, and we're going to fly to Florida to see some family and old friends. I haven't been back in three years, so I'm pretty excited to see everyone.

We don't fly out until tomorrow morning (so I won't be posting for a while ... not that I'm that consistent anyway, but just don't look for any profound ramblings from me this week), so Boogie and I spent the day together. We dropped off Dak at daycare, then went to the post office and stopped into work for a last-minute detail that I had to clear up.

Then we spent some girl-time by going to get our nails done. I've had a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure since my birthday in April and have just gotten around to using it. I wasn't sure how Boogie would do. When I try to paint her toes at home, she giggles and moves around so I end up with nail polish everywhere. But she was such a big girl there. She stood still while the lady painted her toes purple (her favorite color) and fingers pink. She also painted little flowers on her big toes and ring fingers (don't ask me why the ring finger) with little "diamonds" as centers. She looks so cute. I wondered what she thought as the people at the nail salon chatted to each other in Vietnamese. I wondered if she felt like I did, like that episode in Seinfeld where Elaine thought the women were talking about her. Did they think I was a lady of leisure, with nothing better to do that get my nails done wih my spoiled daughter whose feet couldn't even reach the soak bin? I hope not. I hope they understood that this was a special treat for my daughter that probably wouldn't happen again for a very long time. Anyway, I was so proud of her for being so well-behaved.

We went to lunch with my husband and then headed off to get her haircut. I thought we could walk right in at 1 p.m. on a Monday. Boy was I wrong. We had to wait an hour, because there were so many kids. But again, I was so proud of her for being so well-behaved. The other kids were yelling and running around the place. Why don't people keep a better eye on their kids? I felt sorry for the hairdresser because after she was done, she turned Boogie around so I could see her hair. "It looks good," I said. "Oh, such a nice mommy," she said, in her thick Spanish accent. "The other mommies this morning, not so nice." I can only imagine.

So tonight, I have to pack and get ready to get up at the crack of dawn (actually before that ... I think we need to leave at 5:45 tomorrow morning). I'm excited to get on the plane with Boogie and have our own little girl's week. I hope she enjoys the plane and seeing the family she's never seen before. I'll miss Dak and my husband tremendously (and you, my loyal readers, of course), but it will be good to see old friends and family again.