Monday, June 27, 2005

Why I hate Oprah

It may be a politically incorrect thing to say as an independent woman in this day and age, but I hate Oprah.

I used to like her a lot. She had some good topics to help improve my life. I even went to see her when she did her powerful woman seminar in L.A. a few years ago. I suscribed to her magazine.

And I think that was the straw that broke it. Maybe it was seeing her face on the cover every month. Maybe it was reading about her "Favorite things." Who wouldn't love a pair of $500 cashmere slippers? Maybe it was reading her "What I know to be true" column, as if she were the smartest woman in the world.

I realized how narcissistic she really is. She acts as if she's philanthropic by giving away cars to her entire audience. But if she really was that giving, wouldn't she have done it in a more private way? All she was doing was looking for good publicity.

And throwing a million dollar bash for her 50th birthday, with every celebrity and their mother invited. Is she paying these celebrities to be her friends? She acts likes she's best friends with everyone: Julia Roberts, Nelson Mendela, Tom Cruise (well, him she can have). But how can all of these celebrities be her best friends? She just flaunts the relationships too much.

I stopped watching her shows because I got tired of the relationship episodes about marriage or parenting, and listening to her spout words of wisdom about things she obviously knows nothing about: marriage or kids. She's just too condescending when she talks about those things, like spouses or parents can never lose their temper, have a bad day, or just not be in a loving mood sometimes.

But all of this I could tolerate, even if I didn't watch her shows. What pushed me over the edge this time is the latest "news" of her being turned away at Hermes. The store was closed, preparing for a PR event. And she's turning it into a racial slight that they didn't let her in. What is she, God? Why should she deserve any better treatment than anyone else. And then dare to criticize and make a public spectacle of the whole thing. It was on the front page news of CNN for God's sake.

I know it's old news by now, but everytime I see her on TV it just reminds me of the non-news that this incident was. I won't go into it any more because she just bugs me so much. I'm just done with the most powerful woman in the world.