Friday, June 03, 2005

Little acts of aggression

I wish I weren't so passive aggressive. I've said before that I wish I were brave enough to just say what I think, instead of insinuating things and hoping that people get the hint without me actually having to be blunt.

Last night was a perfect example. If I had just had the courage to just say what I felt, then I probably wouldn't have been so annoyed when total strangers completely ignored me.

My husband and I decided to take Boogie to the "happiest place on earth." Since we live about 30 minutes from Anaheim, and have an annual pass, it's pretty easy to take her to Disneyland on a Thursday evening, without worrying that we won't have enough time to do everything. Naively, I thought that it wouldn't be very crowded, but was I wrong.

It was just as crowded as a typical Saturday in the summer ... ok, maybe not that crowded, but certainly not the leisurely outing I expected. We took our place in the long line just to get into the park. As we neared the turnstile, this family of four took their place next to the woman in front of us, as if they knew her. They did not.

I said loudly to my husband, "Did they just cut in front of us?" "Shhh," he said to me. The family ignored me. "Well, that's just rude," I said loudly. "How are they going to teach their kids respect if the parents are disrespectful themselves?" "Shhh," my husband said again. He hates confrontations. Again, they didn't even bat an eye or turn around.

There's nothing worse to me than someone ignoring me when I'm clearly, and passively, trying to make my point. They eventually cut in front of the lady in front of us, separating her from the person she was with. She looked and me, very annoyed, and I just nodded my head in commiseration, "Yep," I said, "they are so rude."

The family went on their way, we finally made it through the turnstile, and had a great time, watching the parade, riding Dumbo and the rocket ships, and watching the amazing fireworks display, which has really been amped up since the 50th anniversary celebration. Amazing.

But I started thinking afterward, why couldn't I have just tapped the person on the shoulder and said, "Excuse me, the line is back there." What would they have done? They would either have been apologetic and they would have moved, or they would have been mad that someone called them out and they would have moved. Either way, I would have gotten what I wanted, and the fairness in the world would have been restored. I might have also gotten a little praise from others around me for taking a stand, which would have been a nice bonus.

But I didn't. And those rude people will continue to do what they do because no one will call them on it. I guess I'll just look for the next opportunity to right a wrong, and hopefully will be brave enough to do something about it.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

She Knows Me So Well

I love that I didn't even have to ask, and Undercover Celebrity automatically knew that I'd want her to interview me as well. I know some of you may be tired of my endless answers to questions (not that there are that many of "some of you") but since my creativity in the writing department has diminished with the constant state of exhaustion that I find myself in now that I have two kids, answering these questions is the only way I'll have a new post! (Can that sentence be any longer?)

1. What is your strangest quirk?
Probably that I don't like fruit and bread together. No pies, cobblers, etc. I think we determined that it's actually hot fruit and bread for the most part, but I don't really like the fruit-filled pop-tarts, even if they're cold.

Oh, and that I always have to have the cans, jars and other round containers on one shelf and the boxes on another in my pantry.

2. What are your all-time top 5 movies?
Wow, this is hard. Probably Breakfast Club, Forrest Gump, Slingblade, hhmmm ... this is hard I can't think of others that are all-time favorites, but I have to say that I saw Karate Kid this past weekend, and it was a damn good movie! I also like anything with Edward Norton in it (like Fight Club), and with Johnny Depp (like Pirates of the Caribbean, Finding Neverland, etc.). Of course, I always love a good "cry" movie. A few that I sobbed in were Green Mile, My Life, and The War (which wasn't that great of a movie, but boy did it make me cry). Sorry if I didn't answer your question, but there are too many that I really liked.

3. When Sophie starts dating, what is the one piece of “been there, done that” advice you’ll give her? Don't think that he's the end all, be all out there. If you don't feel comfortable doing something, but are afraid he won't like you anymore, trust your instincts. I'd say the same thing to her about her friends, too. Of course, she won't be able to sneak around on me. I tried every trick in the book with my parents, so she's in trouble!

4. Are you a toilet paper folder or wadder? Why? Wadder. I just feel like it provides the most thickness in the middle, right where you need it. I occasionally will wrap the toilet paper around my hand, but that's only if someone hasn't placed the roll on the holder. And by the way, the paper goes over, not under the roll when it's on the holder. Maybe that could be under one of my quirks?

5. What is your favorite office supply?
I can honestly say no one has ever asked me this before. Probably my new Exacto knife that you got for me. I feel like I can cut with such precision with it. Kind of like a box surgeon. I try to cut through the tape exactly on the seam of the box, so as not to cut that box at all. Like my own form of "Operation."