Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Little Irish

I'm an embarrassment to my Irish heritage. Little Boogie came to day care this morning wearing a purple turtleneck and jeans. Dak wore a blue and yellow striped shirt and gray pants. No sign of green anywhere. By stroke of (Irish)luck, I'm wearing a lime green shirt with my black suit today, but it wasn't planned. How will my children ever be proud of their Irishness if I can't even remember the single most important day of the year! (I think there may have been a little green in Boogie's Dora the Explorer shoes, and there may have been a green balloon on the Winnie-the-Pooh diapers that Dak is wearing. Does that count?)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


I'm a pretty low-maintenance girl. I don't have fake nails ... in fact, I rarely get manicures or pedicures. Usually only when I get them as a gift for my birthday or Christmas.

I buy my clothes at inexpensive places like Old Navy, and even Target.

And I always color my hair at home. I've tried to get my hair colored and highlighted at a salon, but at $60 or more a pop, it just just didn't seem worth it.

So I buy my hair color at any drug or discount store and do my own hair. And I finally found the perfect color. A dark chesnut brown, a reddish brown that's not too burgundy and not too orange. I've had both of them and it wasn't pretty.

When I was in my early 20s, I thought I'd try the burgundy look. I'd seen it on other people and thought it looked great. Never mind that most of these people had darker skin than I do, and darker features. I had a friend dye my hair. I should have known by the purple hue that got all over her hands that it wasn't going to be pretty. It wasn't. It was a dark purple/maroon. The only thing that made it livable was that I wore it back in a pony tail for weeks until it faded.

I few years later, I tried a dark red. I'm not sure what color was on the box, but it came out RED. Like the girl on Run, Lola, Run, or more recently, like Sydney's hair on Alias, more to be more exact, like Ronald McDonald. In fact, my friends used to sing the circus theme (like what you'd hear on a carousel) every time they'd see me. A girl at my work loved it, but she was the type to go clubbing on the weekends with her belly chain and navel tattoo. I don't have either, so it wasn't me.

I've also tried dark brown that came out with a sort of greenish hue, and blond highlights that kind of worked in the summer, but were still not me. I even tried and almost black color. The comment from my co-worker was, "It looks like you stuck your head in tar." Nice.

Pbviously, I was happy to finally find this hair color. It was less than $6 a box, and worked perfectly with my skin color.

So when it came time to buy the next box (my gray hairs had started peeking through), I was bummed that I couldn't find it at Target. So I went to Sav-On during my next trip to Albertson's. No luck there either. I checked back at a different Target, and it wasn't there. So today I went to Walmart, sure that I'd find it there. Nothing.

It seems that they have discontinued my favorite color. So I had to spend the next 20 minutes searching all the other brands for something close, all the while, my husband and daughter are roaming the aisles, bored out of their minds, waiting for me to make a decision.

I finally picked one. I'll try it this weekend, just in case I have another one of my bad hair episodes. Is that a carousel I hear?

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

No Time

I'm finding it hard to post frequently now that I'm back at work. And I used all my words in my other blog to talk about how disturbed I was at watching Nanny 911 last night.

Maybe I'll have more to post later.