Thursday, February 03, 2005

All that Glitters ...

So yesterday I broke down and got a new vacuum. It's not that I didn't want a new vacuum. It's just I had to wait the alloted I-told-you-so time to get one. See when I first moved to California to be with my husband (he wasn't my husband then, but I needed to move here for us to get married), we got rid of his ancient Dirt Devil to get a new bagless, filtered model. He hated it. He loved the old vacuum and didn't see the reason for us to get a new one. I just liked the shiny new features and the fact that it didn't emote dust every time you turned it on.

It worked great in our old apartment with the short-pile carpet. But in our new house, with our plush, shag-type carpet, it sucked. Or rather, it didn't suck. I never felt like it really cleaned well. My husband would always make comments like, "Oh, we had to get a new vacuum, huh?" He and his dad tried to unclog it one time, and while the suction seemed better, there was always this burning-type smell everytime we used it. Sometimes that acrid smell would linger in a room for hours. And the vacuum was so heavy and hard to use that I felt like I had a work-out when I was done.

So after five years, I felt it was safe to venture out and get a new one. I got a Bissell this time. I figure they're the king of deep-cleaning carpet shampooers so they must know do vacuums well. Normally, I would research the hell out of a vacuum purchase, looking on the internet and reading Consumer Reports, but this time I decided just to do it.

I love it. It's so light and easy. The scary part is how much dirt was in the canister (yes, I bought another bagless kind). Have we been living in this filth the whole time?

But its usefulness didn't really become apparent to my husband until late last night. He had gotten out his art bucket to play with Boogie. The bucket holds finger paints, glitter, glue sticks, crayons, etc. They had a great time playing before she went to bed.

Bedtime was uneventful, she was actually pretty calm, he read her a story and left the room. Fifteen minutes later, she came out, holding her hands out to me. They were wet and covered with glitter. "What happened?" I asked. "I tried to wash my hands," she replied. "What's on your hands?" I asked. "Show me."

She took me to her room and the carpet was covered with glitter. Two tubes, red and gold, were empty and spilled on the carpet. But the Bissell was awesome. It sucked up all the glitter and more. While I was upset about the glitter, I was happy that it took just a few seconds to get it all up. It even cleaned the floors in the hallway and the bathroom where the glitter had fallen from her pajamas as she tried to wash her hands.

So thank you, Bissell. Until the next spill.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

A Letter to my Daughter

Dear Boogie,
I'm so sorry for losing my temper with you this morning. I can blame it on being tired, or hungry, or frustrated becasue we were running behind. All of which were true. But they are not excuses for me yelling at you. Especially knowing that you weren't feeling well this morning, either.

I was so patient when I woke you up, even when you whined and cried and hid your head under the pillow. I was gentle and reassuring as we got up and started getting ready for the day. Even when you whined and said you didn't want to wear the red pants, I convinced you to wear them anyway, and started tickling you to make you laugh.

I was calm when I tried to get all of the tangles out of your hair, even when you screamed at me that I was hurting your head. I know the tangles sometimes hurt, but I try my best to brush them out as gently as possible. Unfortunately, you have my hair. Sorry.

And when you said that the tag on your shirt was bothering you, I took the time to cut it out, to help make your day better.

But I could feel my patience running thin when we got into the car, and you were almost buckled in your car seat, and you started whining about the tag in your shirt again. I got you out of the car seat and went back inside, knowing that we were going to be late and started to get irritated. I tried my best to get the remaining pieces of the tag off, and you started whining again that I was pulling your hair. I wasn't, but it may have gotten caught in your shirt. That's when I lost it. I was trying so hard to start your day off right, and it didn't work.

So let me apologize again for yelling and causing you to cry. I know I apologized in the car, crying myself because I was disappointed in myself for losing my temper. The big hug you gave me when you left made me feel even worse. But the clincher was your "I'm going to miss you" comment before we said goodbye. How can you be so forgiving when I yell at you? I felt so low at that point.

So here is my formal apology for losing my temper. I'll try to be a better mom, and show you every day how much I love you. I know you're going through a difficult time, with a new brother, the height of your terrible twos, and a cold on top of it all. I'll try to be more understanding. Just try to be patient with me. I'm still trying to figure it all out.

I love you.


Monday, January 31, 2005


There's nothing more exhausting than taking care of two kids when you're sick. When you have to feed the baby, and your nose is running but you can't blow it because a bottle is in one hand and the baby is in the other. When you just want to go to sleep on the couch, but your toddler is demanding juice, yogurt, toast, Nemo (not to eat, but to watch).

Hopefully the baby will take a nap at the same time the toddler does, so I can get some rest!