Wednesday, November 17, 2004

So I'm now in week three of my maternity leave. Nope, no baby yet, but I've had lots of time to ... well, I'm not really sure what I've done these past two and a half weeks. I guess if I really think about it, I've done a lot. I finished shopping for the essentials I'll need for the baby: warm sleepers, nursing bras, blankets, diapers, birth announcements, etc. I've washed, folded and put away everything, so his new room is nice and organized. I've also done some Christmas shopping: I'm now done with my mom and my sister's family. I've made home-made cookies twice, took my daughter to get her Christmas pictures taken.

But I've also done a whole lot of nothing. Just lounging around watching all of the "judge shows" (how can you miss People's Court and Judge Judy?), and learning to improve myself with Dr. Phil. I've taken naps, and made a pretty significant dent in my couch (although, my huge body could do that without days of lounging around!).

And while I definitely feel a little out of the mix at work, sometimes wondering what crisis has come up and whether everything's getting done, I know it's important to take this time to relax and just be comfortable not being productive. After the baby is born, I'll have more than I can handle of "productivity."

I've also had some really nice times with my daughter. It's nice to be able to pick her up early from day care and spend quality time with her. Rather than coming home late from work, rushing through dinner and bathtime, and putting her to bed. Now we can play with play dough (she played with it for four hours the other day), sing songs and make up silly rhymes over and over, and read the countless books that she loves so much she has to sleep with them in her bed.

I've also heard some wonderful words from her that I'll cherish forever. The other night, we had a false alarm where I thought I was in labor. I was in a lot of pain, and my little girl looked at my tears and wiped them away with her hands, telling me it was going to be OK. Later that evening, while she was "reading" her books in bed, I went to tell her that I was going to the doctor and that her grandpa was coming to watch her. She looked at me with concern and said, "The doctor is going to check your tears?" I smiled and said, yes. She's such a sweetie!

As I said, the labor was a false alarm, I was having contractions, but they weren't "productive" (kind of like my life right now). So we're playing the waiting game. I know it will be soon, but it's getting hard waiting for our new little boy to arrive. Until then, I'll watch the next installment of People's Court and kick my shoes off.