Monday, April 07, 2003

I'm going on a road trip ... on Route 66, no less.

Actually, we're taking Interstate 40, but in some places it's the same thing, and it sounds much cooler to say we're taking a trip on Route 66.

My husband and I decided that since I don't have a job, and he doesn't have school this month, we should take advantage of our time off and go on a road trip. So we're going to see my parents in Tennessee, so they can see how big my daughter has gotten since Christmas.

We've tried to map out some cool places to visit on the way. The obvious choice is the Grand Canyon, and while I'm sure my daughter won't fully appreciate the awe-inspiring view, the amazing colors that nature created in this breathtaking canyon, at least we'll have pictures to show her later. I think we'll probably spend the night in Gallup, NM. Mainly it's because it's about a third of the way there, but I can claim that it's the biggest Navajo trading post region.

Unfortunately, the next stopping point is Oklahoma City, and while I've never really found a reason to visit Oklahoma, the next day should be a nice drive through Arkansas and the Ozarks. Of course we'll stop in Memphis, visit Elvis and get some great ribs. Last time my husband and I were there, we went to this great restaurant that you had to get to through an alleyway and then down some stairs. Some of the best food I've eaten. So I'm sure we'll visit there before arriving at my parents.

We'll stay there a few days and then head back. The problem is finding a different route that doesn't take us days out of our way. One way is to go through Dallas, but driving through Texas is really not fun. When I was younger, my family used to take a trip from New Mexico to Florida, and then from Arizona to Florida every year to see my relatives. Texas takes like three days and is just basically flat, boring landscape. Another way is up through St. Louis, but that then leads through Denver and back down ... too much driving time.

So I think we'll probably go back through Oklahoma but maybe take a detour in New Mexico. I want my husband and daughter to see the White Sands National Monument. It's this amazing place where this fine white sand has been blown into these large sand dunes, some as high as 60 feet. We used to go there when I was a little kid, and at that time they rented these wooden waxed boards that you'd sit on and slide down the dunes. It was like sledding in snow, except that the sand pretty much gets everywhere. But what great fun we had. I don't think you can even imagine what the place looks like unless you've been there. So that may be our new route home, then go through Phoenix before going home.

I've never planned a trip at the last minute like this (we pretty much decided to do it on Saturday), but I can't wait to get going. Hopefully our daughter won't hate to be cramped in the car for too long.

So I won't be posting for a while ... well maybe when I get to my parents I can use their computer. If not, hopefully I'll have some interesting stories to tell when I get back.