Friday, February 07, 2003

Here are my Friday Fives ... is it Fives? Five's? Fridays Five? No matter, here they are:

1. What did you have for breakfast this morning? If you didn't have breakfast, why not?
I had Apple Jacks. I love kid cereals. Lucky Charms are my favorite. When I was younger, I would eat all the plain cereal pieces first (although sometimes a stray marshmallow would get stuck on the bottom of the spoon). Then I'd have all the marshmallow pieces to eat at the end. I used to eat all of my food that way. Saving the best for last, eating the vegetables or even the crust on a sandwich first. I sometimes still eat that way when I'm by myself, but I try to eat like a normal person now and eat the marshmallow and plain cereal pieces together.

2. What's your favorite cereal?
I guess I should have read this question before answering the first question. As I said, Lucky Charms are my favorite. Captain Crunch and Cocoa Puffs are my least favorite.

3. How often do you eat out? Do you want that to change?
Does this mean eat out at a nice restaurant? Does it include trips through the drive-thru? What about carry-out? We usually don't eat out at a restaurant very often because it's more difficult with a baby than when we were just a couple. I go through the drive-thru almost every weekday for lunch. I'm a fast-food junkie. I think it's because we were too poor to eat out when I was younger. McDonald's was a special treat once a month for us. So now I eat it all the time! We usually order pizza or get Chinese take-out on the weekends. Would I want that to change? I kinda like the comfort of doing the same thing. Although, I would like to try new places. Maybe when I get a full-time job and we don't have to watch our money so tightly, then we'll do that. It's hard to get my husband out of his comfort zone, though. And we cook a lot during the week, so I don't feel like we don't eat enough home-cooked meals.

4. What do you plan on having for dinner tonight? Got a recipe for that?
Well, since it's Friday we'll probably order pizza. We go to Two Brother's pizza, which has the best taste. And cheap. We also like Nick's Pizza D'Oro and Round Table Pizza. Although, maybe we'll get a little crazy and go to Claim Jumpers for appetizers. We'll see.

5. What's your favorite restaurant? Why?
Hmmm. If I had to pick my favorite restaurant where I live now, it would be Maggiano's. I like the old "mobster" type of atmosphere with the dark woods and leathers. And who can resist Frank singing in the background? I can just picture myself back in the 20's with my flapper dress and guys in zoot suits. But my absolute favorite is Charlie's Steakhouse in Tampa, FL. They have the best food by far. I went with a group of people so we had our own little room. It was decorated with rich velvets and mahogany wood. The food was terrific, but the best part was dessert. I ordered this cheesecake and my piece must have been a quarter of the cake. It had chocolate and caramel sauce swirled on the top. I've never tasted anything like it since. Even the others who were with me thought it was great, even though they had been enjoying their own desserts before trying mine. Someday I'll go back there.

Wow, all this talk about food is making me hungry. I may have to make a run to the drive-thru soon!

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

The past few days have been pretty busy ... no time for random thoughts. But I'm back now and ready to share my inner-most thoughts.

I had a period of depressed self-pity yesterday. Well, it kind of started on Friday, when I had to attend a conference call about this new branding initiative with the parent company of division for which I'm doing contract work. The hard part was listening to the group of people who are heading up this project talk about what they're doing. The reason it was hard? Because I had done the initial stages of work on this project before I was let go. It was hard hearing about this fabulous communication plan that they were going to execute, knowing I was the one who had developed that plan. In their defense, they didn't know I was on the call, but it put me in a bad mood that afternoon. Then on Monday, I had to go to the big "all employee meeting" where they spent thousands of dollars doing a satellite broadcast from the president about this new big brand. That day actually went pretty well. I got to see a lot of people who I used to work with. It was kind of like a class reunion without all the petty cliques and overweight jocks.

Anyway, then I found out that this company that I'm doing contract work for is hiring someone to head up their marketing department. Hmm. What was my job before I was let go from the parent company? Heading up the marketing department. But did they approach me about this job? No. Because I feel like they see me as someone capable of handling administrative duties, and possibly a creative thought here and there, but not qualified to run a marketing department. My husband said, "I didn't know you really wanted to work there." And the bad part is that I'm not sure that I do. But I at least wanted to be considered.

So all of that put me into this mindframe of "what if I never left Florida?" I think that if I had stayed there, I probably would have been running the marketing department, with a nice raise ... basically, I would still have a job. But then I know that I would never have been married to my wonderful husband, and would not have had our great little girl. I would never ever say anything to him about "See, it's your fault that I lost my job. I moved here for you." And I don't even really feel that way. It was just a thought I entertained for the brief second that it passed through my brain.

So anyway, I'm feeling a little bit down again about the job situation, but then also mad at myself for wallowing in this self-pity. Lots of people don't have jobs. Lots of people have been out of work for much longer than me (like my dad). So I should consider myself lucky that we can pay our bills, that I have a good support system, and that I'll eventually find something.

If I stop feeling so sorry for myself!